Rock Talk

On the following links, xStream-Radio will feature pages regarding concert revues, rock news, and local and Indie bands of importance.  In a world of “sameness” we are going to try and reach out and find those musicians who truly have a unique sound and approach to music.  In the tradition of older days when “Pirate Radio” or “Independent Radio” flourished and introduced a world of new music to their listeners, xStream-Radio will do the same for our listeners.

Not only will you be able to come here directly for band information, concert schedules, and news, but also you will be able to play selected songs directly from the artists’ Reverbnation pages!  We even will have a comments section so you can comment on concert reviews, tell your favorite band how you feel about them and their music, or introduce xStreamophiles to bands you may know.  Enjoy!!

Honey If you enjoyed the classic 70′s rocknroll, then nothing will satisfy your sweet tooth more than this band. Honey plays dirty rocknroll with members hailing from both Melbourne, Australia and Dallas, Texas. With the band’s debut record currently in the works, Honey will be sure to keep everyone up-to-date on all shows, events, and everything in between.

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Shadows of Jets
shadows of jets logo Fort Worth Weekly writes:  “Though Shadows of Jets just released their debut album, a brilliant slice of “divorce pop” (to apply the term coined by Son of Stan’s Jordan Richardson for melancholy, sumptuous yet subdued rock), they started recording it about two years ago. In a way, SOJ mastermind Taylor Tatsch built an entire studio just for the album.

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